• North Star DeBarr RTC
  • North Star DeBarr RTC
    is located at 1500 Debarr Circle Anchorage, AK. 99508 and can be contacted by calling 907-865-7100. North Star DeBarr RTC offers treatment services for Alcoholism, Illicit Drug Addiction and Prescription Drug Abuse

    Treatment Services Offered: Mental Balance Treatment Services, Inpatient Hospital Treatment
    Payment Options: Payment Assistance Through Medicaid, Insurance - Private Pay, Insurance - Military

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  • Individuals who have a family history of alcoholism or those who are closely associated on a regular basis with heavy drinkers are at a much greater risk of developing an alcohol abuse problem.
  • While there are numerous signs that can indicate that someone may be abusing alcohol, it is important to remember that not everyone exhibits the same patterns. Alcohol affects people differently. What may be a negative symptom for one person may not necessarily be the same for another.
  • A study that was conducted by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) has reported that for every single dollar that is spent on the treatment of alcoholism, seven health care dollars are saved.
  • According to a national survey, 70% of alcohol binge drinking episodes involve adults age 26 years and older.

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